About Vincent Langlard

Atelier Vincent L Artist

Vincent Langlard portrait

Born in 1973 in the North, J'integrate the Fine Arts Tourcoing (ERSEP) in 1992. I obtained the DNAP (National Diploma of Visual Arts) with congratulations in 1996 after presenting a series of metal sculptures called " The healing objects ".

In 1997, still at the ERSEP, I started to learn computer graphics and then I worked as a creative at various digital companies (Isagri in Beauvais, Getic in Pamiers). I develop my expertise in web & multimedia programming.

In 2003, I became an independent artist at the Maison des Artistes in the field of graphic design and digital communication with www.artisanduvirtuel.com.

I continue my artistic research in parallel and begins to expose my work in 2011 in an associative framework (Asso A in Cailhau, Avelanart in Lavelanet, Arts Audois and Aquatint in Carcassonne, Art is invited to Magrie).

In February 2016, I realize my first large sculptures. The unknown poet / The Blue Poet represent to me universal homage to express my gratitude to women, especially my mother.

My plastic research is inspired by Calder's lightness, Fernand Léger's sculptural thinking of Picasso's energy, and the art of calligraphy of any culture.

I am attracted by all forms of art, and am sensitive to artistic intentions from all walks of life.